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What You Need to Know About Buying New Construction in Clayton

Buying a new construction home is exciting! It’s a brand-new, fresh start… and it’s all yours. And buyers in Clayton are in luck; there are so many amazing options springing up all over town. But buying new construction is a little different from buying a resale home. Here’s what you need to know.

What to Know When Buying New Construction

Find an Agent First!

find an agent first when buying new constructionA Buyer’s Agent will work on your behalf to protect your financial interests and ensure you find the best home at the best deal. Showing up at a model home without an agent is a big mistake—the agent at the site works for the builder and is trying to get them the best deal, not you.

Research Builders

find out more about the builder when buying a new construction homeBefore you start touring homes, make sure the builder is reputable. Visit other developments, read online reviews and client testimonials, even talk to other homeowners to find out about their experiences and overall satisfaction. And be sure to ask your agent about their experiences with specific builders.

Research the Area

learn more about the neighborhood when buying a new homeFind out more about what’s happening in the neighborhood and its surrounding area. Are there plans by another developer to add a new neighborhood right in your backyard? Does the town plan on building a new park or trail right near your home? These developments can positively and negatively impact your home’s value and overall satisfaction.

Find Out What’s Included

find out what comes standard when buying new constructionThe model home often has a lot of upgrades and finishes that aren’t included in the base home package. Find out what comes standard and what features are upgrades. If you like a certain upgrade, find out what it will cost you to add it.

Find Out What’s Covered

find out what warranties will cover when buying new constructionMost new homes come with some kind of warranty, but not all warranties cover the same things. Find out from your builder what’s covered, for how long, and by whom. Many builders will use third party companies to cover things like windows, doors, or appliances.

Get Creative with Negotiations

shaking hands over a creative negotiation of new home priceMost builders won’t drop the price of the home. But they may do some “back-end” negotiations, like pay your closing costs or add upgrades free of charge. Have your agent research the builder’s negotiation style to find out what tactic will serve you best.

Request an Inspection

request a home inspection even when buying a new homeYes, it’s new. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any overlooked issues or problems. Hire your own inspector to make sure everything is safe and up to code.

Make Sure Everything’s in Writing

dont sign anything until all the contingencies are spelled outDon’t sign anything until all the agreements and contingencies are spelled out. This involves anything discussed during negotiations, as well as completion and move-in dates of the home—as well as what will happen if the home is not completed on time.

Thinking of Buying New Construction in Clayton?

If you’re thinking of buying a new home in Clayton, then it’s time to contact the Tina Barletta Team! We’re here to help you learn everything you need to know about buying a home and relocating to Clayton, discover the perfect neighborhood, and find your dream home.

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