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Looking for Alternative & Affordable Education? Find Charter Schools in Johnston County

choosing charter schools in johnston countyWe’re only mid-way through the school year… but it’s time to start considering next year’s schooling options. If you live in Johnston County or the Triangle area, you’ve definitely got the upper hand on education—the public schools are notably phenomenal. But there are still many reasons to consider alternative forms of education for your child, like charter schools.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing charter schools in Johnston County.

What is a Charter School?

A charter school is a tuition-free public school authorized by the State Board of Education and operated by a nonprofit board of directors. Like district schools, it is funded by state and local taxes, and its overall performance is measured through state assessments and accountability measures. Unlike district schools, however, charter schools operate free from many state-imposed rules and regulations, allowing them a bit more freedom in their education and programming.

Why Choose a Charter School

Charter schools are a different type of public school and are often chosen by parents seeking a private school or alternative style of education for their child—without the added costs of tuition. There’s less “red tape” than with regular public schools, giving alternative education in charter schools in johnston countyschools the freedom to create their own curricula, but you can still see how schools stack up based on their performance and accountability scores. Additionally, many offer reduced class sizes, as well as alternative educational programs or specialized areas of interest.

How Should You Choose a Charter School?

No two charter schools are alike: some cater to different interests or specializations (like STEM schools or arts schools, for example). Some help students with behavioral or developmental programs. Others focus on individual development or character development, allowing academics to come naturally as a child develops. When choosing a charter school, important factors to consider include:

  • The reputation & results: Read reviews, check test scores and performance, and look at rankings from sources like US News & World Report,, or GreatSchools.
  • The curriculum: Consider what specific specific interests, focuses, or courses are offered address, or alternative methods of learning addressed.
  • The quality of teachers: Teachers and class sizes are vastly important to the performance of a school, as well as how well your child will fit into the community.

The Top Charter Schools in Johnston County

finding top charter schools in johnston countyJohnston County is currently home to two charter schools: Neuse Charter School in Smithfield, and the brand-new Johnston Charter Academy, located right in Clayton!

Neuse Charter School

Neuse Charter School boasts 10 years of history and success, and is currently ranked the #6 Best Charter High School in the Raleigh Area by It serves grades Kindergarten through 12th grade, and its rigorous program of studies includes focus on foreign language as well as college and career preparedness. Open enrollment takes place in March and is based on a lottery system.

Johnston Charter Academy

This brand-new charter school will be opening for grades K through 7 beginning Fall 2018, with Grade 8 starting in 2019. The school strives for a private school environment with focus on individualized lessons to meet the needs of each student and develop strong academic learning, moral character, and real-world skills. Open enrollment for the 2018 – 2019 school is now and ends December 31!

Other Top Charter Schools Nearby

The southern Triangle area is home to some truly amazing charter schools. Other top-ranked schools within an easy drive of Clayton include:

  • high ranked schools near charter schools in johnston countyRaleigh Charter High (Downtown Raleigh off Glenwood Ave)
  • Triangle Math & Science Academy (Cary)
  • East Wake Academy (Zebulon)
  • PAVE Southeast Raleigh Charter High (South Raleigh/Garner)
  • Longleaf School of the Arts (Downtown Raleigh)
  • Central Wake Charter High (Southeast Raleigh)

Exploring Charter Schools in Johnston County Because You’re Relocating?

If you’re exploring the public schools of Johnston County because you’re new to the area, then it’s time to contact The Tina Barletta Team! As your local guides to living and real estate throughout Johnston County and Clayton, we’re here to help you explore the area, learn more about buying a home in Clayton, and find your dream home.

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