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Make Your Home Look AMAZING with These Interior Painting Tips

If you’ve been following along with our Home Fitness Tips, you probably just spent some time decluttering your home and you’re ready to really take it to the next level! So take a good look at your walls and trim. Are they dinged or marked up? Has your dog chewed some of your trim? Are your paint colors dark or outdated? Fresh paint is an amazingly inexpensive way to dress up your home, refresh your space, and make you feel great.

Here are our top home painting tips.

Stick to Neutrals and Beiges When Selling

living room painted with neutral colors

Before you get too crazy on the accent walls and fluorescent colors, remember that neutral colors are best when selling a home. Neutral colors are appealing to pretty much everyone (or in any case, they’re not unappealing, as can be the case with bright or bold colors), and allow buyers to picture their own furniture or decor in your home.

Even if you’re not selling, neutral colors are easy to match with just about any furniture, don’t detract from decor in your room, and aren’t affected by lighting.

Use Light Monochromes for a Soothing Bedroom Vibe

bedroom painted blue

Use a monochromatic approach—different shades of the same color—for a soothing look ideal for bedrooms. For example, you might choose a light blue for walls and a paler blue for the trim (or even a darker blue). To really work the zen, keep your curtains and bedding in the same color scheme.

Light colors, like pastels, tend to work best if you’re going for tranquility and comfort.

Use Creative Neutrals for an Elegant Look

“Neutral” doesn’t have to mean white or beige; you can get pretty creative with your wall colors while staying in that “neutral” range. Neutral colors give you a sleek, elegant look while allowing for plenty of flexibility with furniture and decor. For example, you might have light almond walls with brown trim… and add some splashes of color in accessories like pillows, a throw, or a vase.

Neutral colors also allow you to easily change the feel of a room without totally repainting; changing up accessories or painting the trim a new color can yield completely different results. Use shades of rust or mahogany for a warm, earthy feel and lighter shades for an open and airy elegance.

Use Colors to Expand or Contract the Ceiling

light colored ceiling in a home

Low ceilings got you down? Make them feel higher by using a lighter color than you used on the walls—and don’t be afraid to add the lightest tint of color. Ceiling too high? Bring it down with a shade darker than the walls.

Create Focal Points Using Colors

beautifully painted accent wall

Is there a certain place in a room you’d like to stand out from the rest? You can create a focal point to draw the eye by painting one wall a darker shade than the rest of the room. Want to expand a room a bit or highlight detailed trim? Consider painting walls darker and the trim a lighter shade of the same color. Have trim halfway down the wall? Try painting top and bottom two different shades of the same color.

Painting Your Home to Sell?

Are you working on your home fitness because you’re thinking of selling your home in Johnston County, NC? Then it’s time to contact the Tina Barletta Team! We’re all about all things homes—home fitness, home selling, home buying, pricing, staging, and everything in between. We’d love to help you out.

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