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Home Maintenance 101: Check Your Plumbing Boots

That nice warm sun can sure be hot during the summer! And aside from helping out with summer tans, the sun can have a big effect on our lives and homes. Especially in hot climates like this, it’s important to stay up-to-date on your exterior maintenance to avoid damage and costly repairs down the road.

Here’s one simple trick to prevent sun damage that could lead to some major issues down the road!

Home Fitness Tip #8: Check Your Plumbing Boots

working on a roof

Did you know, the most common cause of a roof leak is a failed plumbing boot? The hot sun beats down on your roof, causing the plumbing boots to “crack up”, and I mean that literally—the collar will split and disintegrate and water will enter your home.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Call me ASAP and I’ll explain!

What’s a Plumbing Boot??

plumbing boots and pipes on a roof

In general terms, it’s a flexible covering used to seal some type of pipe or protrusion. They can be hard to see, but you’ll typically find them on the roof around PVC tubes, often around bathroom areas. They’re also often called “roof boots” or “pipe flashing.”

The purpose of the “boot” is to waterproof pipes that stick out from the roof, such as plumbing vents. When they get damaged, their “waterproofing” fails and can cause damage.

How Do Plumbing Boots Get Damaged?

Because they’re fully exposed to the elements, plumbing boots don’t last forever. The beating sun can crack them, or visiting wildlife (like squirrels) might find them tasty. When this happens, water might leak through the roof and into the attic, causing stains or damage. It’s also an easy way for pests to get inside.

How to Replace a Plumbing Boot

repairing a plumbing boot on a roof

You’ve got two options when it comes to replacing a boot. You can call an expert to come and get the job done, but if you’d rather not pay the extra expense or if your roofer’s got a long wait, you can certainly do it yourself, too. It’s actually not too bad of a DIY project.

To replace the boot, you’ll first want to find a high-quality replacement that fits over your vent. Then, you’ll want to get up on the roof and pry up the nails holding the old boot down. Next, lift the shingles around the pipe and lift the boot up off the pipe. Slide on the new boot, tuck the fringes under the shingles, and nail them back down! A little bit of roofing sealant and you’re good to go.

Need Johnston County Roofing Recommendations?

If you’re not quite comfortable replacing a boot yourself, then it’s time to call a renowned local roofer to do the job for you. Don’t have anybody in mind? Give us a call at the Tina Barletta Team and we’d be happy to make a recommendation or two.

Making roof repairs because you’re getting your home ready to sell? You know who to call—the Tina Barletta Team!

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