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Home Maintenance 101: Don’t Forget Sides & Windows!

It’s time for your fourth maintenance tip in our Home Fitness Plan for 2019. We’re focused on all aspects of your home so it can look good and be in tip-top shape. Our passion is homes, so whether you’re selling or staying in your home this year, the Tina Barletta Team wants it to be spectacular!

Home Maintenance 101 from the Tina Barletta Team

home maintenance 101 tipTo date, we’ve focused on three exercises (this is a fitness plan, don’t forget!). First, we covered powerwashing. Next, we put our lawns on a feeding plan. And last time, we spiffed up our front porches a little bit.

Ready for our fourth exercise tip? Here we go… 3, 2, 1…

Make Those Sides & Windows Sparkle

Beautiful Newly Constructed Modern HomeWhether you have brick, vinyl, or fiber cement siding, every surface benefits from a good power-washing (see Tip 1). Dirt and grime accumulate on the sides of your home, as do moss, mildew, and even mold. Clean siding enhances the true color of your home and makes it look fresh and new.

Wash Your Windows Like a Pro

washing windows and squeegeeing dryBecause they’re constantly exposed to the elements, outside windows typically collect a lot more dirt and grime than interior windows. And they do tend to get overlooked when you’re cleaning the inside! But before you shell out a hefty sum for a professional window washer, here are some tips for DIY window washing.

Get Your Detergent Right

soapy bucket for washing windowsYou don’t need anything fancy for washing windows, just a bit of dishwashing soap and a bucket of warm water. Keep the soap-to-water ratio low; the less suds the better.

Start with the Right Tools

washing a window as home maintenance 101For washing exterior windows, you’ll likely want to use more than some old rags, especially for larger windows. A strip applicator is a top choice for pros because it can soak up and apply lots of detergent and pull away dirt without scratching the glass.

Squeegee Clean

squeegeeing a window drySpending a little more money on your squeegee will pay off in the end. Make sure your squeegee blade is straight but flexible and not old or cracked. Then, starting at the top left of the window, pull over the soapy pane in a reverse “S” shape. Wipe the blade clean with a rag and start again!

Towel Dry

toweling a window dryOnce you finish with the squeegee, you’ll want to wipe down your window with a clean towel, just to make sure everything is completely dry and there won’t be any drips or streaks.

The Tina Barletta Team: Helping You Make Your Home Spectacular!

We at the Tina Barletta Team hope these tips are helping you make your home just a little more wonderful than it already is.

And as always, we’re here to give your dreams an address. If you’re thinking of selling your home in Johnston County, NC, you know who to call… the Tina Barletta Team!

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