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Let’s Talk About Lights! 5 Tips for Glowing Home Lighting

Let’s talk about lighting! Light fixtures don’t just illuminate a room, they also add style and ambiance to your interior décor! Lighting has changed dramatically over the past few years; not only has LED technology transformed lighting, but light fixtures themselves have also changed. Modern fixtures are fun, sleek, and come in all shapes and sizes.

Ready to make your home really shine? Swap out some old-style fixtures and discover how fun and bright lighting can be! Here are some DIY home lighting tips.

Always have a plan

table lamp beside a couch

Before you start adding lights willy-nilly, take some time to really think about the purpose of each room you’ll be lighting. What activities take place in the room? What are some of the room’s key features? What colors are already in the room? What styles? The answers to these questions will help you determine both how much lighting a room needs, as well as the type of lighting that will best serve it.

Layer your lighting

matching bedside lamps

It’s a common misconception that a room needs only one type of lighting—namely, overhead lights—to serve its purpose. However, lighting a room from a variety of difference sources, or layers, can help create a specific ambiance or mood. Here’s where your lighting plan comes in to action.

Overhead lights are good for brightening rooms, but often omit corners, and can even give rooms a harsh or impersonal feel. Adding task lighting, like floor or table lamps, can provide a more intimate feel, and are good for reading or more detailed work. To get even fancier, consider accent lights to highlight particular features of your home.

Place lighting with care

well-lit kitchen

Adding more lighting is all fine and well—until you place a light in the wrong spot. Misplaced lighting can mean inopportune shadows that actually hinder the room’s purpose, rather than help it. For example, in the bathroom, two lights on either side of the mirror will cast fewer shadows on your face than a single overhead. Task lights aimed directly down might be overpowering or create shadows. When placing lighting, carefully consider where you’ll be standing or sitting when using the light.

Choose bulbs logically

kitchen with custom lighting

You’ve got a lot of wattage options when buying light bulbs, and they definitely make a big difference to the overall function and appearance of your light fixtures. Higher-wattage bulbs are good for rooms that need to be bright, but can make white or light-colored rooms seem washed out. Daylight bulbs can be nice for a soft light, but might not be enough for darker rooms. And it’s definitely important to consider the difference between regular incandescent bulbs and energy-efficient LED or CFL bulbs.

Don’t forget the outdoor lights and hall lights!

home with exterior lighting

Safety matters! Navigating an unlit home in the dark isn’t just annoying—it can be dangerous, too. A lack of pathway lighting can lead to more than a stubbed toe; it’s an invitation for slips, trips, and falls, particularly during cold weather. Plus, unlit homes may appear empty to unwelcome visitors, presenting an entirely new list of hazards.

Updating Your Lighting to Sell?

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