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Selling in Clayton? Yes, You SHOULD List Your Home in Fall

While spring and summer may be the historically “hot” times for home buying and selling, fall is actually a really great time to sell your home, especially in Clayton and the Triangle area, and especially now, in 2017. The kids are back in school, the weather is beautiful, the holidays are still lingering on the far-distant horizon… Pumpkin spice and relaxation are in the air and the season is just about perfect. But that’s just the start. Here’s why now is the time to list your home in Clayton.

7 Reasons to List Your Home in the Fall

1. The Weather is Ideal for House-Hunting

beautiful weather to list your home in fallThe hot and humid days of summer are gone and the crisp, cool days of autumn are here. Instead of ushering sweaty hunters into your air-conditioned house, welcome buyers into open windows and fresh breezes, show them the backyard and the garden, even lay out snacks on the deck to enjoy in the afternoon sun. And once the leaves start to change… well, there’s just something about seeing a home in fall.

2. There’s Less Competition

less competition when you list your home in fallSummer is the hot market time, right? That’s when everyone’s listing their homes. And then come fall… well, most people think it’s not a good time to list anymore. But that’s great news for you. That means instead of having to compete with 10 different homes like yours, you might have only one or two.

Plus, inventory has been at an all-time low in the Triangle, with homes getting snatched off the market in a matter of mere days. And really, it’s not slowing down. The Triangle market is still hot with serious buyers.

3. The Buyers are More Serious

buyers are serious when you list your home in fallGone are the days of summer, but the buyers are still browsing. With a booming job market, the Triangle is bringing new residents to the area every day—and people always need homes, no matter the time of year. And what’s more, the casual “browsers” of summer are gone and the buyers still looking are the ones more likely to be pre-approved, qualified, serious buyers ready to make an offer and close on a home before the holidays.

4. Mortgage Rates are Still Low

low mortgage rates means better prices when you list your home in fallOne reason buyers are serious right now is the still-low interest rate. Buyers know they’ve got to take advantage of low numbers while they’re still low, because they won’t stay. Another consideration for buyers is the coming tax season. Buying a home before the close of the year means a big tax break come early 2018.

On the flip side, these factors also work in your favor. Once mortgage rates start to climb, home prices will drop—and you’ll lose out on hard-earned equity. And if you’re selling because you’re considering buying a new home, you can take advantage of those same low mortgage rates.

5. Transactions are Quicker

quicker transactions from lendersNobody likes to wait around in limbo, whether you’re buying or selling. And the good news about the fall is that you won’t. With fewer loans to process, lenders definitely provide faster turnaround times on approvals. Great news for buyers and sellers.

6. Who Doesn’t Love a Charming Fall-Staged Home??

fall home staging is charmingEven if decorating isn’t your thing, you’ve got to appreciate the quaint charm of a little fall decor. Think warm fall scents and colors, maybe a pumpkin on the front porch, a fire in the fireplace as the nights start to get colder… Imagine being a buyer welcomed into a warm house filled with delicious smells of baking apple pie.

7. And Of Course, You Get More Personalized Attention from Your Agent

get more personalized attention from your agent when you list your home in fallOne of the best things about listing in the “off” season is the personalized attention you get from your agent. Instead of juggling a large handful of buyers and sellers, you might be one of only a few—which means your agent has lots of time to focus on you and your home.

Are you thinking of selling your Clayton home this fall? Then it’s time to contact the Tina Barletta Team! As your Clayton real estate experts, we’re here to help through the selling process, from finding the value of your home, to staging and preparation, to listing your home and closing.

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