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6 Easy DIY Ways to Add Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

First impressions are key in real estate; a buyer isn’t going to want to come inside to see your beautiful home if they’re not impressed with the outside first! If you’re thinking of selling your home, it pays to spend a little time working on your exterior. Here are some easy DIY tips to improve your curb appeal.

Do a Little Landscaping

raking and landscaping to add curb appealDuring these winter months, you probably don’t have a whole lot going on with your yard—no lush grass or blooming flowers. But that doesn’t mean your yard can’t still look neat and well-maintained.

Rake and clear out any fallen branches. Trim any overgrown bushes. Reset any dislodged rocks or pavers from around garden beds or walkways. And in times of ice or snow, always make sure your driveway and any walkways are shoveled.

Add Some Natural Color

flowers and window boxes to add curb appealBring some natural beauty to your home with simple planters or window boxes. Line walkways, spruce up garden beds, or even bring some life to your front porch. You can buy pre-made containers from garden centers—no green thumb required.

Install Some Lighting

well-lit home exteriorDuring these short winter days, it’s very possible you’ll have house showings in the dusk or the dark, so make your home bright and full of light. Adding some landscape lighting or walkway lighting can help make your home look brighter—and improve safety of walkways.

Repaint or Replace Your Front Door

painted white front doorMake your home bright and welcoming by focusing on your entry. Repaint your front door. Switch out the old knob and dingy house numbers. Add a wreath or a bit of decor. Just a little something to draw the eye and say, “Welcome home!”

Clean Off the Roof

clean and clear roof and siding to add curb appealYou may not notice your roof, but buyers likely will. Make sure it’s clean and clear of leaves, sticks, or moss. Replace any broken or missing shingles. You may need to hire a roofer to make repairs or replace your roof entirely.

Remember to Take GREAT Pictures

professional-grade photo of a beautiful clayton homeFirst impressions start online. Most buyers won’t step inside your home unless they like the outside. But even more buyers won’t even bother driving by the outside if they don’t like your online photos. It pays to pay for professional photography—or to work with a realtor who does this for you.

Selling a Home in Johnston County?

Are you thinking of selling a home in Johnston County, NC? Then it’s time to contact the Tina Barletta Team. We’re here to help you get your home ready (curb appeal included), price it right, and list it with ease.

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